Avoid crash dieting to prevent nutritional deficiencies

Avoid crash dieting to prevent nutritional deficienciesUpdated on : 17-05-2017 01:28 PM
Over weight is a common problem. It is seen people of all ages. It can happen due to unhealthy lifestyle or overeating; Crash dieting and rapid weight loss option can be harmful for your health. Cutting back on essential food items may cause problems.


Weight loss is required if the weight is more than ideal body weight range

Avoid crash dieting

Decreasing the calorie intake below 1000 calories

It may lead to nutritional deficiencies

It is important to know what is a right diet that may help to reduce weight.


Eat regular meals, including breakfast

Reduce calorie and fat intake

Eat plenty of fruits and salads

Do not take sugary drinks or fruit juices along with meals

Eat in a relaxed environment

Do not watch television while eating

Eat slow and chew the food well

Use a smaller plate

Plan your meals

Plan out a healthy diet if you want all your excess fat to disappear and maintain your reduced weight long term.



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