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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Pr...

Medical rehabilitation aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities. It improves their quality of life and maximizes independence to perform activities.

Updated on : 24-01-2017 11:30 AM
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system - which normally protects its health by attacking foreign substances like bacteria and viruses...

Updated on : 24-01-2017 11:30 AM
Taking right diet in winter is must

In winters, our eating habits go for a toss. There is more Intake of fatty and oily foods in our diet. Comfort foods are ever so fattening, makes us more lethargic.

Updated on : 23-01-2017 08:37 AM
Seasonal affective disorder is common in winters

Cold weather not only affects the body but also has a great impact on our mood. Seasonal affective disorder also known as (SAD) is a type of depression that affects many peopl...

Updated on : 17-01-2017 09:49 AM
Risk of respiratory problems increase in winters

The dip in temperature affects the respiratory system and causes a marginal spurt in viral and respiratory ailments.

Updated on : 10-01-2017 09:49 AM
Lessened blood flow in brain can cause people to stutter

As per a recent study, reduced blood flow in brain linked to speech production can cause stuttering in people.

Updated on : 05-01-2017 01:28 PM
Teens losing sleep over social media: study

Teens losing sleep over social media: study

Updated on : 17-01-2017 06:22 PM
One in five teens regularly wake up in the night to send or check messages on social media, which makes them three times more likely to feel constantly tired at school than th....
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Govt prepares final list of Padma awardees

Government has prepared final list of more than 100 Padma Awardees. The highlight of this year's awards will be Unsung heroes.

Updated on : 24-01-2017 07:59 AM


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