True to its name, UMEED brings hope in Valley

True to its name, UMEED brings hope in Valley 

Updated on : 15-05-2017 10:04 AM
National Rural Livelihood Mission implemented in Jammu & Kashmir under the name UMEED is bringing about a lot of positive changes in lives of the rural poor living in Ganderbal region.

The scheme of the government aims at creating efficient and effective institutional platforms for the rural poor, enabling them to increase their household income through sustainable livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial services. A report on one such beneficiary.

Ashma from Laar village of Ganderbal district in Jammu and Kashmir remains busy in milk scanning. Collected from neighboring villages, milk is scanned using advanced machines which help in judging the quality of milk and accordingly rate is fixed. This assures best quality of milk and apt price as well.

After Ashma started this work, her standard of living has gone up considerably. All this became possible with "UMEED," a special scheme of Ministry of Rural Development, under which, self help groups are created and loans are given to start livelihood in a time bound manner.

Similar is the story of Fauzia, who has responsibilities to shoulder but not enough in her hands to sustain a decent livelihood. Government's scheme "UMEED" has provided much needed relief to her.

Under the scheme, loans are provided at low interest rates to rural poor so that they can start business as per their capabilities. Even banks open accounts of these people easily.

A total of 3,671 families have benefited from the scheme in Ganderbal till date. Along with creating awareness, this scheme ensures social and economic empowerment of poor.

This scheme facilitates not just easy loans but helps people find markets for their products.


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