Initiative to save birds from peak summer heat in Karnataka

Initiative to save birds from peak summer heat in KarnatakaUpdated on : 20-03-2017 10:28 AM
Peak summers take a toll not just on humans, but also on birds and animals.

Scarcity of water in summers is a challenge not just for human beings but also for birds and animals.

Surrounded by hills, Karnataka's Chitradurg district sees summer temperatures soar to 45 to 50 degree Celsius and 84 bird species are found here but their numbers are on the decline with many birds dying of thirst during summers.

Coming to the rescue of such birds, the Gubchi trust has rolled out an innovative initiative to provide drinking water to them.

Under it, the Trust works with residents of urban areas towards feeding birds with seeds and water.

Not just that, cardboard huts carrying seeds and water are hung in courtyards, rooftops and tree branches at residents' homes to help birds escape the summer heat.

Youths associated with Gubchi trust visit residents and encourage them to come to the rescue of birds.

The residents of Chitradurg have been forthcoming in their support for the initiative.

For residents serving birds is less of an obligation and more of a celebration of their responsibility towards living beings.

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