Sindhu Tai : Mother of Orphans

Sindhu Tai : Mother of OrphansUpdated on : 16-06-2017 10:58 AM
The unconditional love of a mother is priceless. This is the story of one woman who adopted more than a thousand children as her own, giving them food, shelter and education. Needless to say she too is priceless. Her name is Sindhutai.

Sindhu Tai's family has 207 sons-in-law and 36 daughters-in-law and more than 1000 grandchildren.

Her own daughter is a lawyer, and many of her adopted children are either doctors, engineers, lawyers, and many of them run their own orphanages.

Her own story is a painful one. Her husband had thrown her out of the house when she was 9 months pregnant, and on that very night, he gave birth to a daughter at a cow shelter. She then went to her mother's home but was not welcome there as well. Sindhutai then started living with her daughter at the railway station and started begging on railway platforms for food.

She soon realised that there were so many children abandoned by their parents and she adopted them as her own. She became a mother everyone who came across to her as an orphan.

Sindhati also writes poetry, and her poems embody the complete essence of life.

Sindhutai has received around 273 national and international awards for her great work. Among them is Ahilyabai Holkar Award, of the Government of Maharashtra, given to social workers for woman and child welfare.

Needless to say she uses the money she received through these awards for her orphanage. What an amazing lady.... an inspiration to the world.


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