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Mangalore Chalo rally: BJP's firm despite police crackdown

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  • Despite the crackdown on its bike rally in Mangalore over deaths of hindu activists, the BJP has refused to back down.

    The day saw BJP's state chief BS Yeddyurappa being taken in custody by the Karnataka police.

    The storm over the BJP's rally in Mangalore in Karnataka has not yet subsided. Police have taken into custody state BJP chief BS Yedurappa in addition to other top leaders and party workers participating in the bike rally in protest against the spate of killings of Hindutva supporters.

    Police had permitted a BJP rally to be held in Nehru Maidan from 11 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon but had entirely rejected permission for a bike rally or demonstration due to law and order considerations.

    Cops took a number of steps to ensure there were no lapses and as they seized two wheelers of party workers on their way to the rally a fracas erupted.

    Elsewhere, party leader Yedurappa has said that the opposition to the rally is purely political and goes against the spirit of democracy.

    The BJKP in the state is up in arms over multiple murders of party workers and supporters. In just 2 years 12 supporters were killed . The BJP is demanding action against what it term as are political killings.

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