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Rahul Gandhi faces flak over address in U.S.

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  • Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi faces flak over his address to students of the University of California in Berkeley; BJP launches a counter-attack, says Rahul's admission of Congress' arrogance, raises questions on Sonia Gandhi's leadership, says he brought disgrace to India by saying that the country is run by dynasties, says he went abroad to seek takers after his views were rejected at home.

    Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is facing flak over his address to students of the University of California in Berkeley on the theme 'India at 70: Reflections on the Path Forward'.

    The BJP has launched a strong counter-attack at Rahul with Union Minister and senior BJP leader Smriti Irani giving a point by point rebuttal to Rahul's claims.

    Rahul had acknowledged that around 2012, arrogance had crept into the Congress and it stopped having conversations with people which distanced the party from the people and made Congress lose elections.

    BJP said Rahul's admission of arrogance is an issue for Congress to introspect on as that is tantamount to questioning the leadership of his mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

    Answering a query on dynasty politics in Congress, Rahul claimed that India runs via dynasties.

    Pointing out the impropriety of a political leader criticising India on foreign soil, the BJP said that leaders occupying the 3 top constitutional offices in India have risen through the ranks and their rise show that Indian democracy gives an opportunity to merit and is not beholden to dynasty.

    BJP said that since Rahul's attacks were not working at home, he has gone abroad and seems to have forgotten that the voter is here in India.

    In another swipe at the Congress Vice President, the BJP said that an assessment of the development work done by Rahul as Amethi MP would be a clear indication of the importance he attaches to development.

    On Rahul's statements on Kashmir, the BJP pointed to the legacy of challenges left behind by the Gandhi dynasty with regard to Kashmir.

    After BJP's strident attack, the Congress came to Rahul's rescue claiming that Rahul did not criticise the country and his criticism was limited to the Centre and the PM.

    While Rahul may have aimed to bag adulation through his address on foreign soil, the effect in India was quite the opposite.

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