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These women monks can teach you a thing or two about Kung Fu!

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  • In Leh, followers of Buddhist traditions - Drupka Panth, are known worldwide for their mastery of Buddhist Nuns martial arts.

    A five day workshop was organized by Drupka nuns to teach women Kung Fu. 40km from Leh, the magnificent Buddhist monastery, situated in the lap of nature in remote Hamis village, attracts people not only because of its beauty but also its spiritual power. This is considered to be a better place to study religion, philosophy and various aspects of life and living itself. But its also special for a unique manifestation of woman power.

    These Buddhist Nuns, who wear Kung Fu's traditional outfits, are actually followers of the Buddhist traditions, Drupka Panth, who are known worldwide for their mastery of this form of martial arts. These are some scenes of the five-day workshop organized by Drupka Nuns to teach Kung Fu to women. Many practice sessions run from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Breakfast and all other meals are partaken of together through the day. The sessions are gruelling, but nothing beats the inner power these women seem to have , their infinite patience and desire to learn.

    Few would imagine that these gentle women can actually tear the enemy to pieces. Kung Fu for them is not just fitness but a source of self-defence. Buddhism has always accorded equal status to women and these nuns abide by the belief that since the Buddha treated all his disciples the same one needs to carry forward this legacy. Kung Fu is most effective to increase concentration of the mind for which it is believed to be necessary to keep the body healthy. Martial arts also inculcate a sense of discipline, that is why the Buddhist nuns of Hamis are so awe inspiring.

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